SyncVDI : Workstation Optimizer

Syncious provides turn-key solutions for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (SyncVDI) and High-Performance computing (SyncHPC) requirements.

It helps to utilize high-end workstations within R&D teams very effectively and also help to optimize budget and improve the productivity.

Many organizations spend huge amount of capital and resources to procure and maintain high-end workstations for their R&D teams. Hence, they want to use their existing high-end workstations in effective manner. Also, they try to avoid purchasing of new workstations unless it is really a must have.
SyncVDi : On-premise HPC Optimizer

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges Solutions Achieve
1. Every user and their groups have varied requirements for the specifications of workstations. 1. It is found that utilization of workstations is less than 40% even in office hours. So, spending on workstations can be reduced by more than 50%.
2. A single user might need different types of workstations at a time based on project requirements. 2. Due to elastic nature of the solution, users can access workstations with required configuration based on their requirements.
3. Management wanted to know the exact utilization of each workstation in terms of number of hours of usage per day, CPU and memory utilization. 3. Administrators can monitor the usage of users and workstations.
4. Cost of workstations is very high. 4. Management can get consolidated reports of workstation utilization. Hence, they can plan appropriately for next budget cycle.
5. Management wanted to optimize spending on workstations without compromising on productivity of every user. 5. The solution is very cost-effective as compared to high-cost VDI solutions where you need to buy hardware appliances along with multiple software licenses.

An example dashboard of SyncVDI

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