SyncXplore : Cloud Storage Manager

SyncXplore : Cloud Storage manager by syncious
SyncXplore application helps you fully manage your cloud storage resources through intuitive but simplified GUI, securely. You can manage various storage entities like blobs, files etc in your storage accounts across multiple cloud providers. Easy to install and operate. Access your data from anywhere, anytime.

It also has unique features like:
1. Automatically download job data to your on-premise or local machine. This saves users time in downloading huge amounts of data.
2. Automatically delete stale or old data to manage storage space effectively thus saving run time costs.

Easily integrable with SyncHPC

An example dashboard of SyncXplore:

SyncXplore : Cloud Storage manager by syncious
The Dashboard Before Log-In
SyncXplore : Cloud Storage manager by syncious
The Dashboard After Log-In

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